8 Tips for a Well-Fed, Happy Dog—and Owner

The way to a dog's heart is...through his stomach! Make your dog happy by feeding him well using these helpful tips like adding more vegetables to your pet's diet. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Switching from Wet to Dry

Your vet has suggested switching your dog from wet to dry food, but your pooch seems to prefer the wet variety. Make the switch gradually by mixing the two, and slowly wean him off of the wet stuff. You might try stirring in a little plain yogurt to offset any stomach problems associated with changing brands.

Healthy Dog Treat

You have your dog on a diet, but feel bad every time he begs for more food. Fill him up without packing on the pounds with some veggies! Vegetables such as green beans and broccoli (even the stems) are high in fiber but low on calories. Ask your vet if they would be a good part of your pet’s diet.

Never Pay for a Milk-Bone Again

When getting a “treat” for being good, most dogs are just excited about a special snack, not that it’s in the shape of a bone. The truth is, doggie treats have almost the exact same ingredients as dog food, and most dogs can’t tell the difference. Instead of paying extra for dog treats, keep a separate container of dog food where you normally keep the treats, then give your dog a small handful when he’s done something reward-worthy.

Easy-Cleaning Food Dish

Keep your furry friend’s food dish free from yucky stuck-on bits of wet food. Just apply cooking spray to the dish before adding the food, and any leftover clumps will stay loose and easy to clean rather than sticking to the bowl. As a bonus, the oil in the cooking spray will help nourish your pet’s coat and protect his skin!

Fix a Water Dish Problem

Lucky you! Your pet’s new trick is flipping over the water dish. Get one step ahead of him by putting his water in a heavy glass pie plate or baking dish, which he won’t ever be able to lift. Problem solved!

To Each His Own

If you have both cats and dogs, you may be tempted to feed your cat dog food. Don’t do it! Besides being highly insulted if he happens to see the can, your cat needs certain nutrients that are found only in food made specifically for cats.

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