These Sad Dog Facts Will Cheer You Up in Minutes

Brooke Barker's Sad Animal Facts is an adorably accessible way to learn more about animals. Here, she shares a couple dog cartoons that will help you better understand your pooches.

QDT Editor
September 6, 2016

Did you know that dogs can’t see television? But it’s okay, because they like to watch it with you anyways. Though dogs are often portrayed as perpetually wagging, slobber-tongued goofballs, Brooke Barker’s Sad Animal Facts presents a more poignant glimpse into their lives through a series of heartwarming cartoons and captions. The facts, drawn from scientific journals, prove that "animals...are just as complicated and conflicted as we are," Barker writes in the book's introduction. In addition to dogs, the book includes facts and illustrations about creatures ranging from banana slugs to blast-ended skrewts (for the Harry Potter fans out there) to bulbasaur (for the Pokémon ones). So kick back and enjoy with your favorite pooch—even though dogs can’t read, they’ll want to read this with you anyways.


For more, check out Sad Animal Facts, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-a-Million, and Powell's.


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