6 Surprising Tips to Make Brushing Your Cat or Dog Easier

Whether your pet hates being brushed, has matted clumps of fur, never seems to be fully brushed, or always gets electric shock when you brush him, check out these surprising tips to make brushing a cat or dog easier.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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6 Surprising Tips to Make Brushing Your Cat or Dog Easier

Stop Static Shock When You Brush Your Pet

If you end up getting a static shock every time you try to brush your pet, the problem could be the surface you’re both standing on. Avoid standing on carpet or a rug, instead opt for hardwood floors, a cotton towel, or outside in the grass. The synthetic materials in carpets and rugs hold static much better.

Get Grooming Gloves

Does your pet hate being brushed? Make your fingers go further by buying some textured grooming gloves and slipping them on before you pet your cat or dog. The gloves will remove loose hair and any dirt from short-haired animals so well, no one will be able to tell they run away every time you get out the brush.

Secret to Shiny Fur

To make your short-haired pet’s fur extra-shiny, rub it down with a piece of silk, velvet, or chamois cloth.

Untangle Mattes More Easily

Pet owners know that matted hair (technical term in our home: “clumpies”) can make brushing an animal a frustrating experience for you—and a painful one for them. To prevent this, rub some baking soda or cornstarch through the clumps prior to brushing. It’ll be easier to remove the tangles, for which both you and your pet will be grateful.

Make Brushes Easier to Clean

Cleaning out your own hairbrush is bad enough, but cleaning out the one that belongs to your furry companion can be a half a day’s work. Instead of getting angry next time you snag your pantyhose, give it a second life. Cut strips of hose and lay them over your pet’s clean metal brush, poking the pins of the brush through. The next time your cat or dog looks like he just stepped out of a salon after a heavy brushing, all you’ll have to do is remove the scraps of material, throw them out, and replace with new strips.

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