When to Worry About Your Dog’s Diarrhea—Plus, How to Fix It

If your dog is having diarrhea, it’s a bad day for both him and you! Here’s what you can do if your dog is experiencing runny poops, and when you should worry about dog diarrhea.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Bananas Help Dog Diarrhea

When Should I Worry About My Dog?

If your dog has been experiencing diarrhea because he ate something he shouldn’t have or has only had one runny stool, he’s probably fine—but a call to your vet won’t hurt. If your dog is experiencing diarrhea with any other symptom like vomiting, having low energy, lack of appetite, or acting different in any way, contact your vet for an appointment right away. You should also go see your vet if your dog’s diarrhea continues for more than a day or you don’t know why he’s experiencing troubles.

Help Doggie Diarrhea with Foods

It’s often recommended that you don’t feed your dog if he’s experiencing diarrhea, but if he’s begging for food and you feel you absolutely must feed him, some foods are better than others. One way you can get your dog’s digestive track back in order with some banana. Mash up two small slices for small dogs, three for medium dogs, and four for large dogs. Or, try potatoes. Potatoes contain a large amount of starch, which helps solidify stool. Just bake 2–3 potatoes and let them cool, then feed them to your dog during his normal feeding time instead of dog food.

Keep Dogs Regular

If your dog has continuous runny stool, you can help solidify his poops and also keep him regular with plain canned pumpkin (not the seasoned pie-filling variety). Yogurt has also been shown to help pets’ (and humans’!) GI systems. Just double-check with your vet first to make sure he or she approves.

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