2 Easy Ways to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

The human race uses too many email systems. Get-it-Done Guy helps you handle all your email in one place, even if you have multiple accounts.
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Method Two: Forward Everything to One Central Inbox

Another option is to create one central inbox where all your email will be forwarded. Then you read and reply from that inbox. First, get an email account to use as your unified inbox. You will never give anyone this email address directly. 

Then, you set up all your existing email accounts to forward to this one account. For example, Claire sets up her central inbox using Fastmail.com at the email address DestroyerOfWorlds@fastmail.com (That’s cute…). She then sets all of her other accounts to forward incoming email to her fastmail.com account. 

Her email client only needs to check mail from the single DestroyerOfWorlds@fastmail.com account to get all her mail.

How do you set up forwarding? Like all things tech, it depends. Generally your mail server—or if you have your own domain, your domain registrar—gives you a way to set up forwarding. 

Forward all your incoming email to a single inbox, and use email personalities to reply from that inbox, with the From field changed to the appropriate email address.

Google "how to forward email in …" and the name of your email service provider. For example, "how to forward email in namecheap" or "how to forward email in gmail." Forward all your email to your unified inbox.

Clair discovers only one problem...when she replies to a message, her From field is filled in with claire@fastmail.com. Even though she’s receiving her email from a single email account, she wants to be able to reply and send outgoing email from any one of her addresses.

Be like Sybil: use multiple personalities

Many email clients let you set up custom From: addresses. When you compose an email, you can use a drop-down menu to select which address you send from.

In some email clients, these are called personalities. Some email clients just allow you to enter the alternate From addresses and don’t give them a special name.

You can find out how to change the From address in your email client by Googling "change from address in…" and the name of your email program. For example, "change from address in outlook."

Looking at all the cheery young faces being processed through Grandma Cuddles, the shady lanes, the happy, well-fed Audrey IIs, and the defense department contracts that are going to make her stock options worth millions, Claire realizes that this may be where she’s meant to be. She decides to go all-in and consolidate everything with the Cuddles Empire.

She opts for technique two and forwards all her email accounts to claire@Grandmacuddles.com. She quickly configures her email clients to be able to send email from any of her addresses, and tests it out by ordering a 55 gallon drum of chocolate sauce. She licks her lips in anticipation and settles in for a long and profitable career with Grandma. 

Claire: My goodness! It’s almost dinner time.

Having a Director of Procurement will help Grandma Cuddles sleep better at night. It’s early in Claire’s tenure, but if her ability to whip her email into shape is any indication, the Grandma Cuddles family is going to get a taste of Claire’s sweet (and oh-so-extreme) powers of procurement.

There are two ways to manage multiple email accounts. Choose the one you like best. First is configuring the different email clients you use to check all your email accounts. You then switch to one email account, read and reply to messages in that account, and switch to another. The other system is to forward all your incoming email to a single inbox, and use email personalities to reply from that inbox, with the From field changed to the appropriate email address.

For instructions on how to set all this up from a few standard email clients, visit http://getitdoneguy.com/emailsetup.


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