How to Archive Emails

 Get-It-Done Guy's easy tip to efficient inbox organization

Stever Robbins
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We all get email we want to keep: updated contact information, specs for that report we're supposed to write, and the formula for a herbal Native American immortality potion. It's easy to file them in an email folder, but finding them can be impossible. When people use subject lines like "Here's that info you wanted" or the ever-popular "Hi!"* it makes finding the message nearly impossible.

Before you archive an email message, read the subject line critically. If it isn't a line you're likely to remember when you need to retrieve the message, forward the email to yourself with a new subject line. "Hi!" becomes "Immortality potion recipe" and 193 years from now, when you need to review the recipe, a simple search will find it easily.

*If you're the person writing the email, don't use vague subject lines.  Read my article on writing better subject lines.  Everyone you email will thank you.

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