How to Manage Your Bulk Email

How to control your bulk email so you can easily see it, without it cluttering your inbox? Get-It-Done Guy has found the perfect solution.

Stever Robbins,
March 10, 2014
Episode #305

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One Daily Review of New Senders

Once you’ve confirmed your mailing list choices, unroll.me works quietly behind the scenes. Every day it pulls all arriving mailing list messages into your rollup. It quietly moves them into a folder called unroll.me, so you don’t see them in your inbox at all. But you don’t have to remember to check the unroll.me folder. Instead, you get a really nicely formatted message once a day that contains your entire rollup and a preview of each message. They’ve done a great job making it visually scannable, so in mere moments, you can review all the incoming activity.

Each daily rollup also contains a link to a special web page where that day’s newly detected mailing lists messages are listed. For each message, you tell unroll.me to add it to your rollup, to keep it in your inbox because you really want to see it, or to unsubscribe you from the mailing list entirely. It takes only a few seconds to choose how to dispose of your incoming messages.

Edit From Your Inbox

If you don’t want to leave your inbox, but still want to add a message to your rollup or unsubscribe from a mailing list, you simply forward the message to rollup@unroll.me or unsubscribe@unroll.me and it’s as if you edited that subscription directly.

Tame Your Friends

Of course, not every unwanted email is from a spammer. Some are from those people in our lives who we’d rather not hear from again, but don’t have the strength of will to confront directly: our ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or polyamorous family units. The boss three jobs ago who had a crush on us. That helpful neighbor who’s always giving us tips on how we can live our lives even better than we ever imagined.

For these, unroll.me lets you block a contact by email address. They don’t know you’ve blocked them. Their messages get quietly funneled into your “Blocked” folder, kind of like industrial waste. You never have to look at your Blocked folder. Except to gloat.

Unroll.me is free, which is terrifying, since that means somehow, we are the product. But compared to using cloud-based email in the first place, I’m sure the convenience is even more worth it than ever.

You’ve taken control of your spam. You’ve taken control of your must-read inbox. Now unroll.me gives you a perfect way to take control of what’s nice-to-read-but-don’t-clutter-my-inbox. I’ve been using it for two months and can’t imagine how I ever survived without it.

For more easy tips on managing your email, check out quickanddirtytips.com/productivity/email.


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