How to Tame Your Email Inbox with a Pencil and Paper

Tame your overflowing email inbox using a pencil and paper. Process your email in a way that fits with your current priorities; don’t let your actions be dictated by the overwhelming email senders!

Stever Robbins
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Episode #421

Do the Tasks

Your tasks are prioritized. You have a pencil and paper list of the things you need to accomplish. It’s time to do them. But remember: do your tasks in priority order. That way, you’ll make sure you’re spending your time on the tasks that are most important, not simply humoring needy people like your Doomsday Engineer.

So with a few sinister phone calls, you arrange for the Library of Congress credentials. Then you call Valerie Plame and leave a message asking if she can help you obtain some Uranium. And then you have time for the last task of the day. You hire a designer for the Zombie army logo. You will strike fear into the hearts of the masses!

Turn the table on email, and make it your slave. Scan your inbox and turn it into a written to-do list, without taking any action. Merge the list into your overall task list, prioritize everything in the context of your total job, and then—and only then—get to work.

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