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Stever Robbins
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Episode #72

“Dear Bernice, hovercrafts are the wave of the future. Since oil may be scarce, they must run on renewable fuel. The snack bar downstairs throws away their extra bananas at the end of the week, but there are always more the next week. Therefore, bananas must be an abundant world resource, and the perfect fuel.” You’ve spelled out your logic (or lack thereof), thus satisfying Bernice and created the abstract of your Nobel-winning manifesto, all at the same time.

I’ve written entire published articles this way. Someone would write with a question and my response became the article. My two most popular articles ever, tips for Mastering Email Overload and What Does a CEO Do? both began as email messages. Just Google “email overload” and “ceo job description” to read them. They’re #1 in both categories. Am I good, or what?

Think: Executive Summaries

When you have to summarize a decision or an issue in a report, blogs and email are your friend.

Both demand you write briefly. Email your workgroup saying, “Do I understand the problem correctly? Here are my thoughts.” Then write the executive summary then and there. Writing to specific people will help you stay conversational and crystallize your thoughts around the needs of that audience. And since email is two-way, their response will help you understand what you need to clarify for the final paper. Best of all, they never need to know they’re helping you write the paper that will get you promoted to become their boss. Wah ha ha ha ha ha!! (evil laugh)

Write Publication-Ready Copy

One word of a advice: since you’re using conversational media for publication-quality prose, watch out when discussing the juicy gossip about that sales convention in Vegas. Publicizing it in a white paper could result in destroyed lives and shattered dreams, not to mention criminal and civil penalties for slander. What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. Write conversationally, but publish professionally.

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