How NOT to Forget Your Stuff in Hotel Rooms

Save yourself a lot of grief with a systematic sweep of the hotel room.

Stever Robbins
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You can't work less and do more when you accidentally leave your notebook and work folder in a hotel room.

If you travel a lot on business, here's a little ritual that will save you a lot of grief:

When it's time to leave your hotel room, pack your bags and put them together by the door of the room. Once everything's by the door, go from the far corner of the room to the exit, double-checking every outlet, drawer, closet, and flat surface. This sweep will ensure that you don't leave anything behind.

Make sure your scan is systematic and complete. And train yourself to do it every single time you travel.  If you make this a ritual every time you stay in a hotel, I guarantee the day will come when you discover the extra pair of dress shoes in the closet you forgot you'd brought. Last weekend, I rescued my iPod charger, which I'd left plugged in without realizing it.

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