5 Essential Lifehacks from David Pogue

With essential lifehacks and surprising shortcuts, David Pogue's new book, Pogue's Basics: Lifeis anything but basic. 

QDT Editor
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1.) Banish Banana Peeling Woes

Don't resign yourself to a life full of mushy first banana bites. Instead of peeling bananas using the stem as a tab, Pogue suggests that you flip this habit on its "bottom"—otherwise known as the other side of the banana. "In fact, bananas grow in bunches upward from the stem—so technically, the 'bottom' is the top. There. Now you won't embarrass yourself as a Chiquita company picnic," he writes.

Instead, split the black end point and split the banana open there, and—voila!—you avoid mushiness and stringy parts! An added benefit? The stem acts as a handy handle!

2.) Read Your Tablet in the Sun

Have you ever struggled to read an iPad or other tablet with polarized sunglasses on? They make the screen appear totally black.

But, according to Pogue, there's something strange about polarization: "It blocks glare only in one dimension." So, turn your iPad 90 degrees, so it's more wide than it is tall, which will allow the image to return—visible through your shades.

3.) Avoid Tape-Related Frustrations

It's happened to all of us: losing the end on a roll of tape. It can lead to shredded tape or broken fingernails. The solution?

"Before you put the tape back in the drawer each time, stick something to the end of it. A paper clip, a penny, a toothpick, a bread-wrapper tab. Or just fold the end of the tape under itself," Pogue suggests.

4.) Remove Red Wine Stains

There's nothing worse than a red wine stain on a new white shirt. But did you know that soaking the fabric in ice cold water for at least 8 hours can easily fix this issue?

But wait—did a faint pink stain remain? Don't fret. Just soak the spot in oxygenated cleaner bath. It will disappear in 15 minutes.

5.) Try This Clever Phone Password

Are you worried about someone gaining access to your personal contacts and data, but still too lazy to type in a long, indecipherable password every time you use your device?

Pogue suggests creating a one-character password. Yes: one character, but an accent character or funny symbol, such as ; or %. Most people won't guess it—plus, it only takes two taps to unlock your phone (one to open the symbol keyboard and another to press your password!).

For more lifehacks and tricks, check out Pogue's Basics: Life, available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-a-Million, and Apple.

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