5 Must-Have Apps for Back to School

These five apps will help you survive the back-to-school season.

Eric Escobar
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Episode #188

Whether you’re in college or high school, going back to school after summer can be rough. You have to manage homework, after-school activities, and ideally find some time to relax and see friends and family. But even if you aren't in school, these apps may still help you keep your life more organized and less chaotic.


First and foremost is one of my all time favorite apps called Evernote. Now I’ve done an entire episode on Evernote in the past and for good reason. This is an amazing app that has a ton of features, meant to organize your life, thoughts, and random scraps of paper.

Basically this app is an organizational machine built from the ground up. It can take just about any type of data on a page called a note. Notes can be contained in Notebooks, and everything you add in to a Notebook can be tagged (like tagging something on Instagram). A note can be anything such as an audio clip (like a reminder you record while walking to class, or maybe an entire lecture), some text, picture, video, or any other type of media.

Automatically, it will date stamp each note, and if you’re using the mobile app, it will also tag the location of where you were when you made the note. This is really nice because sometimes I make a quick note, thinking future Eric will definitely remember the context ... even though I inevitably forget what I meant. Having the location and time on a note is really great for notes to help remember your class assignments.

Let’s talk about how you might use Evernote because I'm a recent college graduate and have some suggestions. I would create a different Notebook for every class. I would take audio recordings of important lectures or parts of the class (with permission of course), and then type all of my notes into Evernote directly. Any paper that I received in the class, I took a picture of on my phone and added it as a note.

There’s even a feature in Evernote that will allow you to set reminders, which is great for assignments with due dates. Basically anything I did in class was put in to Evernote which meant that it was really well organized, easy to search through, and best of all backed up in the cloud!

You can even access it through pretty much any device, computer, or Internet browser, which makes it easy to take notes on your laptop and then study later on your phone.


Next up is Dropbox. I use Dropbox everyday. I keep all of my documents and smaller files like word documents and spreadsheets in it. I’ve also done a full podcast on Dropbox and all of it’s comptetitors, which you should really check out. After you install Dropbox, it behaves like any other folder on your computer, except that it syncs between all your devices. This means you always have the most current version of any document or project that you’re working on. Plus it keeps revisions of files, and backs up to the cloud!

It’s great to create a shared folder for group projects because you can sync folders and files between all the members of your group. Everyone has the most current information always!


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