From Audiobooks to Art Lessons—5 Fun, Digital Activities for Kids

On those overcast days when the surf and sand can’t be part of your summer plan, check out Mighty Mommy’s 5 ways to take advantage of some digital fun. 

Cheryl Butler
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#4.  Online Art Lessons.

When my 8 kids were very young, one of their favorite activities was coloring. Whether it was coloring books, doodling on large sheets of white craft paper, or getting creative on colorful construction pads it was always an activity that would keep them happy and occupied for long stretches of time. 

Thanks to cutting edge technology, there are now dozens of ways kids can get creative without touching a crayon or marker. The National Gallery of Art hosts an interactive site called NGAkids.  Here, your young Picasso can learn all about art history by exploring a variety of on-line art-making tools where they can draw, paint and dabble.  There are hours of inspired activities for all age levels (including parents!).   See Also:  4 Reasons You'll Absolutely Love Adult Coloring Books

Thanks to cutting edge technology, there are now dozens of ways kids can get creative without touching a crayon or marker.

#5. YouTube Collection

YouTube is one of the hottest “go to” places on the internet. This free video sharing website makes it easy to watch online videos from everything to your favorite music artist’s most recent concert to how make the perfect brownie.  The topics are endless and when monitored can be safe and entertaining for children of all ages.

NeoK12 is a fantastic collection of videos, arranged by subject, that have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. There are also quizzes, games and puzzles as well as a cool presentation creator that helps students create their own presentations within the site. Also cool is the How it Works section.

On your next rainy summer day, your child can choose from hundreds of videos from marine animals to how the human body works and since this entire YouTube collection has been previewed by educators, you can rest assured that the content is appropriate as well.  See Also:  Kids and Technology

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