How to Make Your Own Luck

Luck is an essential ingredient to success! But by its nature, you can't plan for it ... or can you?

Stever Robbins
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Episode #465

Conversation creates luck

Talk about the areas you want luck in. I’m always amazed when someone has a burning hope or dream and never mentions it. When you talk about where you want to go in life, “luck” happens because people help you get there.

Once back in civilian life, Xris talked to everyone who would listen about the virtues of Venus Fly Traps for natural, organic pest control. Including the mail delivery person. Whose response, unexpectedly, was that they had just delivered mail to the local Venus Fly Trap Appreciation Society. Xris was ecstastic to learn about the club. And it would never have happened if it weren’t for the conversation.

Talking to people creates luck

And lastly, who you talk to matters. When you’re talking to people who don’t share your interest, like the mailperson, they might be able to point you to people who do. When you’re talking to people who do share your interest, you’re building the connections that could lead to luck.

When Xris started hanging around the Venus Fly Trap Appreciation Society, suddenly they were having conversations with dozens of people who shared their interest. And in almost every case, at some point someone praised the rapidly growing chain of plant stores that specialize in the coveted, carnivorous “Audrey IIs.” 

Taking action creates luck

So Xris took action by picking up the phone and calling the store, asking if there were any openings. And the answer was Yes. 

The answer might have been No, but if you don’t take action, you’ll never know. 

Be grateful for the luck that wasn’t under your control. And then take it as far as you can by looking around everywhere you go for opportunity. Talk about the things you care about, and connect with people who care about the same things. And then when opportunity does knock, you’ll be ready to jump. Sure, it will be so-called “luck,” but it’s luck that you made.

Now I’m going to go surprise Xris by brightening up their new office. They have so many knick knacks. There’s this old, dinged-up, brass lamp they brought back from Baghdad and I think I’ll just give it a quick once-over with some polish. Won’t they be surprised!

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