3 Must-Have Tools for Your Job Search

What are the three best tools to fuel your dreaded job search? Guest blogger Fatemah Mirza shares her secrets.

QDT Editor
5-minute read

There are three vital parts of any successful job search:

1.       Being consistent

2.       Doing targeted job searches

3.       Remaining up-to-date with industry news

Thanks to the rapid advance of technology, it's easier than ever to include these three elements into your job search. Here are my three favorite, must-have tools that will help you take control of your search:

Increase Consistency Using Todoist

As Woody Allen says, “80 percent of success is showing up.”

If there’s any tool that will help you turn your job search around, it’s Todoist. It’s one of the simplest and most efficient task management tools online. All you have to do is sign up. (It’s free!)

My favorite feature on Todoist is the recurring tasks feature. So for instance, if every Tuesday, you want to follow up with the recruiters you’ve reached out to, you can check out the Date & Time section.

Secondly, if you’re extremely forgetful (like me), you’ll love Todoist’s timed reminders.

Putting this in:

Gets you this:

Todoist sends you an email 30 minutes before each timed task. In this scenario, I’d get an email 30 minutes before my interview with Amelie, and one two and a half hours after, reminding me to email her a personalized thank-you note.

Whenever I create a job search strategy for my clients, I create a “shared” project with them so they never forget to:

a.       Follow up with interview leads

b.      Attend networking events like conferences and seminars

c.       Go to their interviews! (We’re all guilty of forgetting our appointments.)

d.      Post in their favorite LinkedIn group

e.      Reach out to new people on a weekly basis

f.        Share valuable content with their new connections on LinkedIn

Speaking of new connections on LinkedIn …