4 Tips to Control Hall Closet Havoc

This year, get organized by controlling your hall closet havoc with these tried and true hacks from Home Depot's Kerrie Kelly.

QDT Editor
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How to Control Hall Closet Havoc

For several homeowners and renters, now is a time of transition. Summer and fall are waning and winter is revving up, which means we’re stuffing our sandals and beach towels into the closet and hoping our boots and coats are tucked in there somewhere. Transitioning out of the warmer months is a perfect time to clean and reorganize your space, especially the workhorse closets you’ve been meaning to conquer. We’re here to help you tackle that task with some tips for making sense of your space from a design perspective.

Resolve to Get Organized

Often the hardest part of any endeavor, especially those that involve cleaning, is simply to start. To truly gain control of your closet havoc, you must first resolve to get it done. Begin by emptying your closet of everything. Halloween decorations, old gym shoes, the broken umbrella you’ve been meaning to toss—everything must come out.

Next, sort your things into piles:

·         The “Everyday” pile is for the items you reach for on a daily basis

·         The “Someday” pile is for the clothes, accessories or extras you’ve been meaning to wear or use

·         The “Never” pile is for the things you’ve never used that are only hindering your ability to stay organized every season

Once you’ve organized your clutter into these piles, the next step can begin.

Sort Again

Take a deep breath, look at your piles and resolve to clean a bit more. Dig deep and decide if you really need that sweater or if those vacuum attachments have ever really been used. If it doesn’t immediately bring you joy or serve a purpose, place it in the “Never” pile and then move onto the next item. The key here is to not dwell too long on any one item. Repeat to yourself that you are aiming for a clean and clutter-free 2017, starting with the closet.