4 Tips to Control Hall Closet Havoc

This year, get organized by controlling your hall closet havoc with these tried and true hacks from Home Depot's Kerrie Kelly.

QDT Editor
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Deep Clean

Now that you’ve decided what stays and what goes, it’s time to give your “Everyday” pile a fresh start. Vacuum the carpet in and around the closet, fix broken shelves or apply a new coat of paint. Whatever you need to do to inspire yourself to stay clean and organized should be done now. Once the space is clean, your “Everyday” pile can be added back into the closet in a more uniform and organized way.

Don’t forget about floor space—whether you’re organizing or cleaning. “Line up shoes under your clothes or invest in a shoe rack to neatly store your favorite kicks,” note the cleaning experts at Maids.com. “Remember to regularly vacuum the floor of your closet. It is a space commonly missed when the door is shut.”

Extra Touches

Sometimes when we’re cleaning and decluttering, we’ll reward ourselves with something to keep us inspired to stay organized throughout the year. Treat yourself to a new shelving unit, new storage bins, a set of pretty hangers or a new laundry basket to help maintain a clean closet and organized lifestyle. Lastly, pat yourself on the back for a job well done and set your sights on your next home project!

What are some steps that you take to control your hall closet havoc?


Creating open, decluttered spaces is a cornerstone of Kerrie Kelly’s design firm, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie regularly makes organizational recommendations that fit all people with all types of homes and storage needs. Kerrie is an award-winning interior designer and she also writes for The Home Depot.