5 Ingenious Ways to Store Wrapping Paper

Have all this gift wrap and don't know what to do with it? Here are 5 DIY solutions for wrapping paper storage from repurposing a hamper to toilet paper tubes.
Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Store wrapping paper on the ceiling

You found a big sale on wrapping paper, but now you don’t know where to store it all.  Ceiling wrapping-paper storage is easier than you think. First, you’ll need a space in your home, like a closet or hallway, where two parallel walls are close together. A few inches from ceiling, run several lengths of wire from these two walls, about 4–6 inches apart. The wires will form a simple lattice that you store the wrapping paper on. Just slide the tubes between the wires and ceiling and they’ll be safe, secure, and out of sight.

Repurpose a hamper

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Have an old hamper you no longer need? Repurpose it as a place to store gift-wrap! Rolls of wrapping paper fit perfectly inside, and you can hang door hooks over the edges for rolls of ribbon and gift bags.

Gift wrap wrapper

We hate it when our perfectly adorable wrapping paper gets frayed, creased, or ripped at the edges while still on the roll. To prevent this, try this crafty trick: Cut a lengthwise slit in an empty wrapping paper tube, and wrap it around the roll of paper you’d like to protect. You can leave the very end of the paper sticking out of the cardboard wrapper to create a dispenser. Or, use toilet paper tubes instead of just wrapping rubber bands around the paper when you’re done with it.

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Make your storage go further

Lots of times, something that was made to store something else is perfect for wrapping paper! For example, these plastic bag holders from IKEA are great for organizing wrapping paper. A garment bag also works!

It’s a wrap

As for those little bits of wrapping paper you have left off a big roll…sometimes it’s easier to simply not save them! We suggest running scraps through a paper shredder for a colorful, inexpensive alternative to gift bag filler, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts.

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