6 Products To Help Make Motherhood a Breeze

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are six products that can lighten the load and help make motherhood a breeze.

Cheryl Butler
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4. Tag*a*Long Kids

For many years I pushed a double stroller as I pulled a gaggle of kids along beside me. Whether I went shopping, to pediatrician appointments, the playground, the pharmacy, or for a walk in the neighborhood this was my norm for over a decade.

Because I was flying solo for most of my outings, I prayed (a lot!) that my toddlers and young walkers would stay close to the stroller and not stray off. There were several close calls when one of my darling cherubs decided to leave my side and do a little investigating of their own, resulting in a few near panic attacks and the first of my many gray hairs.

Today’s moms don’t have this problem if they get themselves the Tag*a*Long Kids. This clever gadget is a stroller handle that lets younger tots hold on while mom pushes the baby in the carriage. It’s mom-invented and pure genius. Although the Tag*a*Long Kids wasn’t around during my stroller days, I’ve seen it being used by moms and dads out and about, and the look of pride and independence on the young child’s face who is holding on is priceless!

Thanks to modern technology we now have tracking device products available to stop the madness of going crazy looking for a lost item.

5. Tile Mate Tracker

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours searching for misplaced items such as car keys, sunglasses, cell phones, and even your pocketbook. It’s frustrating enough to scurry around your home looking for these items, but it never fails to happen when you’re in a hurry to get your kid to his practice on time or you have an early meeting at work (but still have to drop your kids off at school along the way).

Thanks to modern technology we now have tracking device products available to stop the madness of going crazy looking for a lost item, especially those darn car keys! The one that I love is the Tile Mate Tracker. It easily attaches to items you're prone to losing, and you can use your phone to make it ring so you can find it. It’s inexpensive compared to similar devices on the market. The battery life is about a year, but the Tile Mate Tracker is affordable so it won’t break the bank to replace. Now when my kids get their driver’s licenses, they get a Tile Mate Tracker to go with them. None of us have an excuse any longer to scramble for keys.

6. Washable Keyboard

The best multitaskers I’ve ever met are fellow moms! We can cook dinner, fix boo boos, pay bills, help with homework, and reply to a work e-mail simultaneously, all without missing a beat!

Speaking of replying to e-mails, as a writer and a mom, most of my multitasking is done with my computer close at hand. While I strive to enjoy as many family meals as possible, there are also plenty of times I’m on deadline or working on a project with a snack or a plate of food right beside me. A few crumbs here, a couple of missed spoonfuls there, and before I know it, my keyboard looks like a mini buffet.

I used to rely on cans of compressed air to keep my keyboard up to snuff, but even that didn’t always do the trick. That’s not a problem any longer, however, because I recently got my hands on a washable keyboard. Yes, you can actually submerge it into a tub if you like, and now my keys are always like brand new! It’s spill proof and even dust resistant. No more sticky keys, and no more crumbs jammed under my space bar. The washable keyboard definitely makes my life as a writing mom cleaner and easier.

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