6 Ways to Embrace Pregnancy as a Mother

You may not be able to curl up and nap when the mood strikes, but you can embrace your second and subsequent pregnancies with younger kids in tow.  Mighty Mommy shares six ways to manage pregnancy and motherhood without losing your mind.

Cheryl Butler
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#4. Accept Help

When I told our pediatrician that I was finally pregnant after adopting our baby, she hugged me and then offered me her best advice—don’t be too proud to accept help from family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you trust while you’re expecting and caring for your baby.

Don’t be too proud to accept help from family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you trust while you’re expecting and caring for your baby.

I’m the oldest of five children and have always had the role of mothering my siblings, many of my friends and even my co-workers.  It’s just in my “make up” and my personality.  Now, however, the role was quickly reversed because I was a new mom and newly pregnant all at the same time and wasn’t able to take on all the responsibilities I had so easily handled most of my life.

My spouse was the first person I turned to for respite with our baby for those 2 a.m. feedings and early morning wake-up calls, but I also learned to lean on my inlaws (yes, it can be done!) as well as my retired neighbor who would come and take our baby for walks in the neighborhood so I could either catch up with laundry or run to my OB/GYN for check-ups.  I eventually found a tween in our neighborhood who became my mother’s helper.  She was a godsend and came a few afternoons a week and played with my younger kids so I could rest or take care of other household matters.   See Also:  6 Reasons to Embrace Parenting Later In Life

#5. Keep Your Younger Kids Involved

If your younger child is old enough to communicate and understand instructions for simple play or clean-up activities, get him/her involved in your pregnancy as early on as possible.

While this is an ongoing activity throughout childhood, pregnancy is a common time to take stock of what skills your child is able to learn and start fostering his independence.  Pretend play with her own baby doll to care for can be fun for your toddler while you sit down and read a magazine for a few moments.  While you’re making breakfast, let her pick out her clothes for the day. Depending on the age of the child, this may include cleaning up spills, tidying toys,  increasing their bathroom independence, setting out lunch dishes and utensils, putting clothes in the hamper, and so on.  See Also:  4 Fun and Constructive Ways to Spend Time With Your Toddler

#6. Stolen Moments

Just as every pregnancy is different, every mom-to-be has a different lifestyle and daily challenges depending on her family’s circumstances.  This means each of us has to be creative and many times even a bit impulsive when it comes to taking advantage of quiet, stolen moments throughout your pregnancy.  Even if you tend to operate as a detail-oriented, scheduled person keep your eyes and ears open for little pockets of time throughout your day and week to simply focus on yourself and your growing baby.  If you’re lucky enough to go to your OB appointment alone, enjoy the peace and quiet of the reception area with a good book or magazine.  Take a walk through your neighborhood, alone, when your husband gets home from work, so you can clear your mind and get some fresh air.  Listen to some meditation tapes when you’re folding laundry. Whenever you can find them, use those little snippets of time for recharging your batteries and not for housework.   See Also: 5 Ways that Selfish Parenting Can Benefit Your Family

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