7 Ways to Organize Kids' Bedrooms for the New Year

As another year comes to a close, take advantage of getting your child's bedrooms nice and tidy.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #357

The holidays are certainly one of the “most wonderful times of the year,” but along with this festive season comes more than jingle bells, beautiful decorations, and homemade cookies and egg nog. Yes, something else arrives with all the ho ho ho’s and fa la la la las, and that dear friends, is more “stuff.” 

Sure, it’s exciting and magical to watch kids open heartfelt gifts, but you and I both know that all that such merriment means our kid’s bedrooms are going to collect even more things than they had before the holiday season began. Now we face the reality of finding places to store and keep all of it.

No need to panic or get all worked up about how you’re going to help your kids manage their new inventory. Instead, use this time of the year to get your family inspired. Mighty Mommy has seven tips to help get your kids' bedrooms organized from top to bottom so that the New Year can start off on a fresh and orderly note.

Tip #1: Purge Before the Holiday Arrives

Prior to Christmas Day or the New Year, get your family inspired to make room for the new by purging the old. Now is the time to have everyone in the house sort through their existing toys, accessories, and clothing and make an honest assessment of what is truly being used and loved and what is no longer needed and played with. When my kids were very young, I turned this into a fun event of sorting and categorizing by games, action figures, and arts and craft supplies, and we pretended we were cleaning up our toy store and getting ready for an updated inventory to arrive. This kept them involved and interested as well as taught them how great it is to share their unused things and clothing with others. See Also:  Declutter with Get-it-Done Guy and the Domestic CEO

Tip #2: Create a Rainy Day Toy Stash

When you have younger children, they usually have and receive more “stuff” than they could possibly need, so as you purge and prepare for new holiday gifts to arrive you can create a “rainy day toy stash” with some of the items they don’t play with regularly. Simply get a plastic storage container such as a tucker tote with a snap on lid and place the chosen items in here. Store the container in an out-of-the way place for several months.

Some rainy or cold winter’s day, bring out the toy stash for your kids to play with. The stored toys will have regained their interest and freshness—and they won't have been cluttering up your child's room.

Tip #3:  Holiday Clean Up

Springtime isn’t the only time for a thorough cleaning—the end of the year is also a great time for a good-old fashioned cleaning of one’s bedroom. Once your bedrooms are purged and a bit less cluttered you can get down to the nitty gritty and really spruce things up.

Again, get your kids involved in the process. Gather together your favorite cleaning supplies and go corner to corner.  Remove dust bunnies, cobwebs on the ceiling, clean the windows and windowsills, baseboards and walls where little (or big) fingerprints have been left. Thoroughly sweep hardwood floors, including under the bed or vacuum if carpeted.  Change the sheets, pillowcases and mattress pads.  Clean your carpets if you have access to a carpet cleaning system. Let your kids feel how satisfying it is to use a little elbow grease and, in the end, have a sparkling, clean space.


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