8 Tricks for Organizing Your House

Is your home starting to get cluttered again? Here are some ways you can keep your house organized. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Remote Remedy

If you’re always searching for the remote control, pick one designated place for it and try to always return it to that spot when you’re done watching television. You can, for example, keep it on the same end table, or attach self-adhesive Velcro to it and to your TV and affix it there. If you have two (or three, or four, or five) remotes, keep them together in a small basket by your favorite chair.

Ice Cube Tray Organizer

Repurpose an old ice cube tray as an organizational tool. It’s perfect for keeping buttons that have fallen off your clothes and other small items you may find in your pockets.

Cereal for Serials

Are magazines piling up around your home? Make some colorful and functional magazine holders by cutting cereal boxes at angles and covering them with wrapping paper. Cover with some craft lacquer for a durable finish.

Get Rid of Menu Mayhem

If you live in an urban area, you probably get a take-out menu stuck under your door every day. To get rid of the clutter caused by having menus stacked up in a drawer, on a table, or practically all over your house, pick a storage method and stick to it. We use a sturdy, waterproof pocket folder for our menus, but you can also use a magazine holder, an inbox, or an old cardboard box with the flaps cut off. If you have a three-hole punch handy, you can even store them in a three-ring binder. Whatever you decide, go through your menus first and get rid of any duplicates. Also throw away any menus that serve similar food to a restaurant you order from regularly—once you find your favorite Chinese joint in the area, you’re unlikely to order from the mediocre one the next neighborhood over. Make sure to tell your family where your menus now reside, and the next time someone says, “Time for take-out,” dinner really will be a breeze.

Soap Dish Key Holder

Tired of searching for your house keys every time you’re getting ready to step out the door? Install a mountable soap dish on a wall near the entryway, and stick your keys in the dish when you enter the house. Problem solved!

Spare Furniture Part Storage

This tip solves two toolbox problems at once: The problem of not knowing what each of those tiny bags of parts goes with, and the problem of never being able to find the right ones when you need them. When a new piece of furniture comes with a bag of extra parts, tape it to the bottom or back of the furniture itself.

Cutlery Tray Organizer

Is your living room or den strewn with remote controls, coasters, pens, and other stuff? Place your cutlery tray on the coffee table and use its compartments to store the various small items you need handy in the area.


Glue one side of a sturdy clothespin to the inside of cabinet doors, the front of your washing machine, and elsewhere around your home. Hanging clothespins are great for holding plastic shopping bags, and plastic shopping bags are great for holding trash, clean rags, cleaning supplies, and more.

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