8 Ways to Manage Tangled Wires and Cords

Never see a tangled wire again!

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Binder Clips

If you’re anything like us, your electrical cables can become a tangled, knotty mess. We’ve discovered an easy storage solution that utilizes—what else?—binder clips! Untangle your cables and collect (or coil) them into organized batches; then clip them together to keep them organized while stored away, or attach them to a desk, table, or shelf.

Spiral Notebook Rings

It may be hard to watch your child’s notes on the conservation of matter go into the recycling bin, but when it comes time to part with school notebooks, save the spirals. They work great to collect stray cords and wires. Attach the spiral horizontally to a strip of wood using a hot-glue gun. Place it behind your computer and “thread” your cables through the rings. They’ll stay separate and it will keep them from falling to the floor when not in use.

Foam Pipe Insulation

Go to the home improvement store and buy some foam pipe insulation. (It usually has a lengthwise slit in it; if not, cut one yourself.) Run the cords through the tube, and allow them to come up through the slit wherever needed. Stick the whole thing behind your desk or nightstand, and you won’t have to look at unsightly cords again!

Toilet/Paper Towel Rolls

Don’t throw away empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls! Use them to store the millions of cords running behind your entertainment center. The rolls keep the cords untangled, and if you also write which appliances the cords belong to on the roll, you just might be the most organized person in your neighborhood.

Copper Wire

Once you’ve untangled the web and wrangled your cords into individual bundles, wrap each one with a stretch of unused copper wire. Simply twist the ends of the wire together to keep your bundled cord intact.

Ponytail Holders

Keep them neat and out of the way with ponytail holders or rubber bands, or fold up detachable cords and store them in paper towel tubes—label the tubes to remind yourself which cord belongs to which appliance. This works well for storing Christmas tree lights, too.

Hair Clips

Use old or broken hair clips (the claw variety) to tame cords from hair dryers and straighteners. Just wrap the cord neatly and clamp to keep in place.

Plant Pots

Keep them straight by storing them in upside-down plant pots. Stash them underneath the pots in the garage and, when you need one, pull the plug end through the hole in the pot’s bottom.

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