Clean, Organize, and Declutter with Marie Kondo's Magic: Part 2

Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has, in fact, changed my life. Here's more information about her awesome method and why I think it works.

Stever Robbins
Episode #374

Discard in Silence

If you've seen my picture on SteverRobbins.com, I'm sure you think I'm just a younger, better-looking version of Tom Cruise. And as much as I like to dance around the living room in my underwear, one of Marie Kondo's turn off the music and sort in silence. Tidying up involves you negotiating with yourself. Turning the volume knob on your stereo to eleven and playing KORN will not facilitate the process.

Store Like with Like

Once you've tidied, communing quietly with yourself, it's time to put stuff back. Marie recommends storing each category in one and only one place. When all your stationery supplies are in one place, you never have to search for things or wonder where they go. They go with other stationery supplies. Your spare electronics go with your other spare electronics. Your snozberries go with your other snozberries.

Store Everything Vertically

And even though Marie looks like a normal young woman, she doesn't store her stuff vertically like the rest of us. She says, "store stuff horizontally!" Don't stack books vertically on the floor, put them in a bookcase where they're spread out horizontally. Instead of stacking your sweater and shirts on shelves, fold them and stand them up on end in your drawer. This is hard to describe in a podcast, but when you look down into your drawer, you see all your shirts or pants edge-on, so at a single glance, you can see the full range of everything you own. No more having to delve into a stack just to see what's in there. And since stacks press down on the bottom items and cause wrinkles, storing things horizontally also means they are less wrinkled and look better when you put them on. Horizontal arranging means that a glance will show you everything you own, and you'll feel great, since you only kept things that gave you joy! (Your child is sitting quietly in the corner, reading one of your books. JOY!!)

Marie Kondo bucks conventional wisdom. She has us clean by category, discard first, sort by joy, organize quietly alone, and store things horizontally. We've been using her method at home, and I can attest from personal experience that if you don't find your life changed, at the very least you'll find yourself tidier.

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Work Less, Tidy More, and Have a Great Life!

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