Clean Your Apartment, Fast!

How to clean an apartment without it taking days.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #64

Clean Your Apartment, Fast!

We organized your wardrobe.  We cleaned out your desk (now, don't say I never did anything for you).  Today's topic is quickly cleaning before a party, without stopping to sweeping stuff under the rug. The quick and dirty tip is to keep moving and cleaning, using holding areas and a party cleaning worksheet to deal with those tricky-to-handle situations.

Last weekend was party weekend! It was time for our yearly party, where all our friends, loved ones, and neighbors get together and find every excuse to drink, eat fattening foods, and make merry. Sadly, one party highlight happens the day before: I get to clean the apartment.

I know this sounds easy. But I’m a guy, and I have been for most of my life. If you’ve ever tried to clean a guy’s apartment, you know it is a daunting task. Guys have too much stuff, we don’t really have places to put it, and we have food stuck to the walls. We usually don’t know how to clean.

Cleaning Is All About Decisions

Cleaning up really amounts to making a bunch of decisions. You go through your apartment, bathroom, or garage, and put each item away, complaining bitterly about how much you hate housecleaning. You put each item where it belongs. Sounds simple, until you reach that sculpture of Queen Elizabeth made entirely out of macaroni and glitter. It's obviously worth keeping, but where does it go? The time and energy of making that decision is what makes cleanup a chore.

There are two ways to clean something up. You put it where it actually belongs. That’s "real cleaning." Or, you can get a really big carpet and sweep it under the rug. That’s easy cleaning-- but it’s fake--because you forget where you put things, so you buy replacements, giving you twice the junk to clean for your next party. Plus, you end up with duplicates of your Barry Manilow CDs, and for some things, one is enough.

Let’s clean up together. We’ll do real cleanup, and we’ll do it fast.


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Stever Robbins was the host of the podcast Get-it-Done Guy from 2007 to 2019. He is a graduate of W. Edward Deming’s Total Quality Management training program and a Certified Master Trainer Elite of NLP. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BS in Computer Sciences from MIT.