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 Get-It-Done Guy's easy tip on scheduling travel to work for you

Stever Robbins
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Some parts of my business, like public speaking and on-site consulting, require travel. I also make commitments at home: meetings for non-profits, classes at night, and participating in shows. Sometimes, it's hard to reconcile the two. Too much travel and it makes my regular commitments impossible to meet.

Chris Abraham, founder of online digital PR firm abraham-harrison.com, came to my rescue when I tweeted about the dilemma. He travels extensively for business and suggests grouping travel together during certain months. Decide your travel months are March through June. Do your best to schedule your travel during those months. Local people will know those are your travel months and they shouldn't expect you to be around. Those who need you to travel will know that's when you're available.

Yes, this has a cost. If your boss demands you travel, or if your job won't let you reschedule travel, you won't have the flexibility to adjust your schedule. In that case, you're facing one of those wonderful opportunities life gives you to choose your real priorities.

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