End Procrastination with Action Days

Want to end your procrastinating? Try an action day to get things moving.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #48

Here’s a sample:

Stever: In the last hour, I’ve written 2/3 of a podcast. In the next hour, I will finish the podcast, make some soup for lunch, and write my daily blog post.

Al: I’ve written the executive summary of my report. In the next hour, I’m going to rehearse it for half an hour. If it’s all good, I’ll print the handouts and send them for duplication.

Pat: I sexed my pet frog. It turns out he’s male. In the next hour, I’m going to puree a pineapple, change the oil in my car, and write a love sonnet to my new beau.

This brings up an important point: It’s fun to invite a variety of people. You start to learn about how different some people’s lives can be. But no judgment, please. In an action day, you’re providing accountability for each other. If your friends have weird goals, well, this is your chance to get to know them a little bit better.

Keeping Focused

And resist the temptation to chat. Keep everyone focused on action. No group therapy here. When Sally says that in the next hour, she’s preparing a memorial service for her recently-deceased pet cockroach, don’t follow up. It’s not your place to question why she feels the need for a memorial service. And you really don’t want to get into why she was emotionally bonded to pet cockroach in the first place.

I use action days to help make serious progress on mid-size projects. I do an action day around the things that are tough for me to start. Some things I’ve done during an action day include: writing a podcast or book chapter, updating a web site, or reading reference material. Action days can also be great for emptying your inbox, replacing those light bulbs you keep putting off, fixing a leaky faucet, and so on.

Joining Stever's Action Days

If you’re interested in being part of an action day, I run them occasionally. You can register to be notified of upcoming action days right here.

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