How to Schedule Transitions

Planning an event? Be sure to think carefully about the transitions surrounding the event. You may need more time than you think.

Stever Robbins
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How to Schedule Transitions

How is it possible that life is so busy? Sure, my employer just laid off half the workforce and expects me to pick up the slack with no increase in compensation. But I love my employer, and would prefer to humbly take the blame myself, right?

In my fantasy world, things happen right after each other. So 10–11am, I'm at a meeting downtown. Then 11-12pm, I'm at another meeting 400 miles away. What I forget is that transitions take time.

When you schedule an event, think carefully about the transitions surrounding it. Will you need time to pack? Will you need time to travel? Will you need time to straighten up the office or house? Though these seem like unimportant things, they're essential and they take time.

Start scheduling your transition times today. I enter them into my calendar surrounded by dashes: -travel-, -pack-, etc. By making them explicit in your schedule, you'll account for everything and won't find yourself feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

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