How to Easily Record Your Work Accomplishments

Capturing your work accomplishments for successful job and salary negotiations.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #121

Record Many Kinds of Accomplishments

You can also record results as well as actions, if the results came from your work. When you see this quarter’s transportation savings, jot down, “As predicted in my strategic plan of last March, we’ve saved $2 million a year by replacing our company cars with environmentally friendly flying unicorns.”

Lastly, if you get feedback, capture that, too. When a customer or coworker tells you that they like you so much they want to adopt you, record it as an accomplishment. If they’re rich, take them up on it.

Consolidate Your Folder

Twice yearly, sort through your accomplishments folder. Pull out the accomplishments and, when possible, the results they led to. Keep these nicely formatted in a document you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Showing a direct link between your work and the company’s success will help show your value to the company.

When review time comes, you’ll be prepared to make the case that the company should give you a company unicorn of your very own. And if, given all your actions, results, and feedback, they give you a Chihuahua instead of a unicorn, never fear. Your accomplishments log makes a perfect resume update. Be prepared.

I also discussed tracking results in my episode about writing a resume, so check that out if you want more information.

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