How to File Receipts

Learn how to store and organize receipts and other information about big purchases that you might need later.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #125

Print Online Receipts or Use Same Folder Names

You may be resisting this moral imperative by purchasing online. Fine. So print your receipt and then file it. If you insist on being a responsible global citizen and keeping your electronic receipts electronic, create a Receipts and Warranties folder on your computer. Save a PDF of each receipt. Also save a PDF of the warranty, if that’s possible. Start the filenames with the product name or manufacturer. ROBOT ARM J-381 RECEIPT and ROBOT ARM J-381 WARRANTY.

Since you’re right there at the web site, download the product manual now. Rename it to match the receipt, so the receipt, warranty, and manual are grouped together when you view the folder. ROBOT ARM J-381 MANUAL. Fixing a short-circuited Robot Soldier in the midst of taking down Cleveland has never been so easy.

Quick and Dirty Recap: How to File Receipts

Let’s summarize:

  • Store your receipts, warranties, and manuals in one file.

  • Alphabetize if necessary, and split the file alphabetically if it gets too big.

  • Copy the receipts for tax purposes, and file printed copies of online receipts.

  • If you choose to stay electronic, put receipts, warranties, and manuals together in a single online folder, named so you can find all related files quickly.

Work Less, Do More, and have a Great Life!

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