How to Hold a Decision-Making Meeting

Decision-making meetings work best when they’re preceded by behind-the-scenes prep work. Here’s how to make your decision-making meetings go smoothly.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #262

Partition Off Divergence

Sometimes we fundamentally disagree on an interest. Europa cares about safety, Melvin may not (after all, he installs the latest Windows upgrade the day it comes out). In that case, ask the group to choose whether that interest is best addressed with the current decision or whether it should become a separate issue for a different time.

Beware of workplace politics! Interests will often diverge when politics lurks beneath the surface. At Green Growing Things, no one is empire building. No one is trying to seize control, take revenge for past wrongs, or make someone fail. In other companies, however, people have these motives, and they’re not likely to bring them up in your one-on-one meetings. In this case, you’ll have to be politically savvy yourself and intuit their political interests. Then as you guide the discussion of plans of action, do your best to make sure you factor in the politics as well.

Thanks to our pre-meeting one-on-ones, we were able to anticipate conflict, concentrate on shared interests, and make a decision that meets all our goals. We’ll be investing in bunnies. They provide safety, since they can be eaten if society collapses. They can be put to work building new greenhouses for expansion without being subject to labor laws (I’m not sure how I feel about that), and they create a market for our new lettuce crops. And of course, zombiefied bunnies make a zombie army that can nibble its way to world domination. As everyone knows, Killer Rabbits are so terrifying they can even take down a Knight of the Round Table.

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