How to Keep Track of Your Discounts

Stever’s 4 easy ways to get the most of your money by tracking discount cards, coupons, and memberships.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #187

Tip #3 – Keep One-Time Discounts in a File

Some discounts are only good once, like coupons and Groupons. I keep those in an envelope that lives within arm’s reach. When I know I’m going out to buy a product, I quickly riffle through the envelope to double-check possible coupons.

My friend Caroline lists her coupons in an online Google Docs spreadsheet. She shares it with her family so anyone making a purchase can quickly find out if there’s a coupon they can use in the envelope.

I keep my less-commonly-used coupons and cards in a physical file. See my episode on storing credit cards and gift cards for details.

Tip #4 – Go Shopping For What You Need, Offline and Online

If you have a specific purchase in mind, do your online research. Comparison shopping can sometimes save more than any discount! If you want a specific product, quickly log in to any purchase sites you’re a member of and research the product’s price. Just run down the list of sites on page 2 of your spreadsheet.
As for keeping usernames and passwords, I don’t have a general solution. Since I don’t really care if my account on discount sites get hacked—what’s an intruder going to do, get my 10% discount on kibble? Oooh, scary!—I use the same username/password combination for all my discount sites. I do not use that username/password for any other sites, though, and I never allow those sites to remember any credit card numbers or other sensitive data.

The Bottom Line

Discounting is a great way to save money, as long as you do it efficiently. Index long-term special offers in a spreadsheet so you can find them quickly. Use keychain tags for places you shop often, and a coupon file for one-time discounts. Use a spreadsheet to find your discounts quickly, and to make it easy for the whole family to share discounts.

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