How to Meet Every Deadline

We live in a deadline-driven world. But sometimes, even with firm deadlines, one simple trick is all it takes to relieve the pressure. Get-It-Done Guy explains.

Stever Robbins
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Use This Concept Everywhere

I told Grandma Cuddles from Grandma Cuddles Daycare Center about this set-up.

Being a sharp businesswoman, she immediately sent her landlord an extra check. She pointed out that around the holidays, she takes the little ones off on vacations where they get to play in the snow with shovels, have fun throwing ice melt on neighborhood sidewalks, and collecting the sidewalk clearing fees from the Neighborhood Safety Association.

What with all the play and frolicking, she can forget to send in the rent check before New Years. This way, she can spend her time with the kiddies, and her landlord knows that the rent payment will always be there.

It Works with More Than Money

This works with any kind of repeating deadline. My favorite times of life are when I have pre-submitted a Get-it-Done Guy episode or two. If there’s one in reserve, then any week when my schedule gets busy, I don’t have to rush to complete an episode. We use the one in reserve and then the new episode can get written when I have time.

I even do it with consumables at home. One roll of paper towels gets designated as the reserve roll. It’s usually a brand we don’t normally buy, so it really stands out. If we ever make it down to the reserve roll, we know that we’re out of paper towels and need to buy more. Then we buy an extra roll and it becomes the new reserve roll. That way, we always have plenty of advance notice and lots of time to buy that new roll. And besides, I keep a spare roll hidden in the closet. Just in case.

If you have regular payments or regular deliverables you’re responsible for, see if you can put one in reserve. It smooths things out for everyone involved and lets you hit deadlines with no stress and more comfort. My publicist Amy would approve.

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