How to Use Bookmarks to Streamline Your Workflow

Use bookmarks to have instant access to all the sites you need, in the combinations you need them.

Stever Robbins
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Bookmark and Open All Pages at Once

When you have several pages you use together, you can create a folder of bookmarks in your browser. First, open up a new browser window. Then open all of the pages you need to reference as tabs in that browser window.

Now when that special time of the month comes around, you can close all the doors and pull the blinds. Turn the lights down low, and then right-click on the folder in your bookmarks bar.

If you’re using Safari, you can choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmarks for These Tabs…Safari will create a folder in your bookmarks with bookmarks for all your open tabs.

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can choose Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs…

Give the bookmark folder a name like “Monthly accounting” or “Finance” or if you’re feeling oh-so-fun-and-carefree, “Money Cleaning.” 

Open All the Pages at Once

Now when that special time of the month comes around, you can close all the doors and pull the blinds. Turn the lights down low, and then right-click on the folder in your bookmarks bar.

Choose the option Open in New Tabs or Open All in New Window and voila! You have all the tabs open, ready to go. If any of the tabs you need require login, bookmark both the interior page and the login page. Then after opening all the tabs, log in on the login page, and then just refresh the interior page and you’ll be up and running.

If you find right-clicking to be an agonizingly slow method, Safari users can do an even neater trick. Right-click the bookmarks folder and choose Automatically Replace Tabs. From then on, clicking that folder will close all the tabs in the current window and open all the tabs in that bookmarks folder. Instantly.

Save Bookmark Folders for Everything You Do

You can use bookmark folders to streamline many different tasks.

Website maintenance. I maintain several Wordpress blogs. I have a folder with bookmarks to all the update pages. One click and all the update pages open up, and I can just click through easily to make sure all my sites have the latest updates.

Analytics. My websites all have analytics so I know which topics people read, and which they don’t. I use several different analytics plugins and platforms. One click, and up come the statistics and heatmaps. 

Research. Since we are all devoted to truth, even if it disagrees with our pre-conceived notions and beliefs, you can set up a folder with several high-quality news sources, scientific journals, plus fact-checking sites like Snopes.com, FactCheck.org, and Politifact.com. With one click, you’re ready to research!

Travel. When traveling to a far-off land, create a bookmarks folder with all your itineraries, web pages to restaurants and travel destinations, hotel listings, local casinos, and anonymous money wire locations 

The web gives you the ability to surf far and wide. Bookmark not only the front pages of sites you use, but also the login screens and inner pages. Then group the bookmarks you often use together into bookmark folders. Then, a single click can bring up everything you need to make serious progress on your little Cayman Island project.

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