Manage Items You Are Waiting for in Your Task List

Stever Robbins
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Quick Tip: Create a "Waiting for" List to Go with Your Task List

When you ask someone to send you something, when you delegate a task, or when someone else is working on something you need, you can keep track of these this on a “waiting for” list. Then all you need to do is scan your “waiting for” list to double check on what should have arrived by now.

I find that solution is good except … I always forget to check my “waiting for” list. Instead, I now put waiting-for items directly into my task list, along with the date it’s supposed to arrive. “wf 9/14 First copies of book should be in bookstore.” If I reach that to-do item before the due date, I simply skip over it and catch it the next time I’m working through my list.

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