Organize Craft Supplies with 8 Household Items

On a budget? Organize your craft supplies cheaply and with ease by following these simple tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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If you're into crafting, you've been met with the monstrous task of finding the perfect solution to organizing all your disparate craft supplies. Fret not, brave crafter, there are simple storage and organization solutions right in front of your nose.

How to Organize Craft Supplies

  1. Use a Pizza Box
  2. Use a Tissue Box
  3. Try a Wine Rack
  4. Use a Tea Box
  5. Use a Muffin Tin
  6. Use a Paper Towel Holder
  7. Use a Pants Hanger
  8. Try Cookie and Chip Containers

Let's explore each DIY tip a little further.

1. Pizza Box

Do you and your kids love scrapbooking? Store the large pages and any other artwork in a cardboard pizza box! Not only are they sturdy and easy to stack and store, they’re also free—the best perk of all. Ask a nearby pizza joint if they can spare any extras.

2. Tissue Box

Knitters rejoice! Here’s a super-easy and practical way to organize, store, and work with yarn. Transform old tissue boxes into yarn dispensers! Place one spool in each box, then either poke a small hole through one side and thread the yarn through it, or simply use the opening at the top. You can even secure the boxes together with tape to form one large multicolored yarn-dispenser.

3. Wine Rack

Is your marker-and-crayon collection overrunning your house? Try this clever storage solution: Turn an unused wine rack into a home for your art supplies! Place clear plastic drinking glasses into each bottle holder, then fill with markers, crayons, pens, pencils, and paint brushes. Organize by color for a fun decorative touch!

4. Tea Box

Here’s a handy storage solution for ribbons, beads, and other decorative sewing or gift-wrapping supplies: old wooden tea boxes! Their individual compartments are perfect for sorting beads, buttons, pins, and ribbons. And, maybe best of all, they’re stylish and elegant.

5. Muffin Tin

Repurpose an old muffin tin for craft supply storage. Glue some magnets to the bottom of plastic containers (such as yogurt cups or clear plastic Silo cups), and stick them in the holes of the muffin tin to create a stable base. Then fill each cup with markers, pencils, paintbrushes, or whatever else you’re looking to organize. You’ll easily be able to take the cups out, but they’ll snap right back into place.

6. Paper Towel Holder

Try this creative idea for storing all your spools of colorful ribbon: Pile them onto a standing paper towel holder! Find one with a handle at the top so it’s easy to carry around and take with you from room to room.

7. Pants Hanger

If spools of ribbon are overtaking your craft supply area, give this clever tip a try: Reuse a pants hanger as a ribbon organizer! Place the spools along the rungs of the hanger, then hang in a closet for efficient off-the-floor storage.

8. Cookie and Chip Containers

You know those tall cans of cookie and potato chip containers? When you’ve finished all the snacks inside, wash them out to use as paintbrush holders. They’re the perfect height for any tall arts and crafts supplies: brushes, craft knives, bone folders. Just place the tools with their pointed or bristled ends up and they’ll be safe from damage.

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