Organize Your Wardrobe

Use attachable hangers to change your whole approach to clothes.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #59

Plan Ahead

Then inspiration hit: if clothes can be grouped by color, they can also be grouped by outfit. At the start of the week, my new super-clothes-matching-power can be used to put together five work outfits. With the attachable hangers, I hang each outfit's pants on the hanger with the shirt, and daily can just grab the outfit for that day, all at once.

For the advanced course, I'm going to add seasons into the mix. I'll put together outfits for special occasions in advance. Rainy and warm? Grab my cargo shorts and T-shirt ensemble. Chilly, and I'm off to a formal event? Grab the hanger with my cashmere paisley sweater and burnt-umber wool slacks. It's like GrrAnimals on steroids. (Oohh. Scary thought.)

So run out today and grab some attachable hangers. First, hang vertically to clear out horizontal space so your clothes don't get wrinkled. Then group related colors. In an instant, you can mix and match entire palettes. Then group related seasons so you can swap your winter wardrobe for summer in 30 seconds. Group combinations you want to remember. It's never been this easy to be a fashion victim.

Now excuse me. I've been wearing these clothes for two hours and want to go change into a new outfit, just because I can. And besides, we have to keep the little voices happy.

Stay tuned!  In future episodes, I'll tackle getting rid of that clutter all over your desk and how to clean your entire apartment in a jiffy.

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