Speed Up Meetings by Assigning Roles

Don't be like a Gauntlet III team! Help your meetings flow smoothly and productive.

Stever Robbins
3-minute read
Episode #14

For regular meetings, you can also try rotating roles. That way, no one can be blamed for manipulating the team meeting, since everyone has a chance to do it. All your teammates get to see that it's really not as easy as they think to run a meeting.

The episode 2 teaser for the "Gauntlet III" shows Tyler Duckworth and Janelle, both members of the "Rookies" team, already going at it. Just think how much happier they would have been if they'd taken the time to assign roles, like facilitator, timekeeper, and scribe.

"Hi! This is Tyler Duckworth from MTV's "Gauntlet III," and you're listening to the Get-it-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More, with Stever Robbins."

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