Travel Tips from ScottEVest's Scott Jordan

Learn how to help travel go smoothly when the unexpected strikes. Get-It-Done Guy chats with Scott Jordan, the founder of ScottEVest. 

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Today we’re going to be exploring tips for travel with Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of ScottEVest.travel tips

STEVER: I wear my ScottEVest everywhere, because it lets me become a walking computer/gadget/book/key/everything machine. I even have the boxer shorts, which carry multiple electronic devices. (Don’t ask…) Scott founded the company to solve the problems of being a frequent traveler. 

STEVER: Welcome, Scott. What is it that those of us who don’t travel a lot should know? I have a trip coming up and want to make sure I do it as awesomely as possible.


Expect the Unexpected

SCOTT: Be prepared! Especially for the unexpected. Don’t let delays or anything ruin your trip. I got frustrated with delays until I accepted the fact there will always be problems when you travel, and you have to go with the flow.

I designed the ScottEVest because of my own frustrations with carrying around a lot of things while I was traveling. There’s a fishing vest and a photographer’s vest. Well, we need a travel vest without external pockets. It should look and feel comfortable in a business casual environment.

STEVER: I want to prepare for the unexpected! What should I be thinking about in terms of what kind of preparations? I don’t know what can go wrong.

Map Out Your Carry-On

SCOTT: Think through what you’ll want to use on the plane. Put it all in a bag you can bring to your seat. Don’t just pile everything into your carry-on. Map out where you’ll put each item. Then put each thing in a pocket or compartment that’s easy for you to remember.

All the things that you want to have on your person while you are sitting in the seat on the plane, you should put in your travel vest. Put each item into the pocket that is easiest for you to remember.

As Oprah Would Say, Own Your Power!

SCOTT: Most importantly: Bring Power. Your devices are going to suck up energy and power. When I travel, I carry no less than three or four external batteries and battery cases. I always want to be sure wherever I am, I’m not looking at a battery indicator of 0.2% when I need the GPS to get to my destination.

That’s why we designed ScottEVest with a personal area network—you can have a battery in one pocket and a device in another, connected through the lining.

STEVER: OK, I’ve got my spare power. Presumably, I will have my iPad, my iPod, my iPhone, an Android device and a Windows laptop. What do I do if I am stuck overnight? I’ve been hearing more and more about travel delays. What should I be thinking about, in terms of getting stuck in an airport?

Bring Your Own Supermarket

SCOTT: Pack some food and toiletries so it is readily accessible. Bring money or credit cards. Make sure to have your keys on you in case you’re in one city and your luggage is in another. Plus keep your important travel documents in one place: your boarding pass, passport, and IDs. You always know where that is so you’re not constantly fumbling with it to get things in and out.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I put an extra pair of underwear in my ScottEVest just in case.

STEVER: What does it say about me that you anticipated my next question?

SCOTT: People laugh about the pockets in the underwear. The first thing I do each morning is grab my iPhone and walk around my house, getting my coffee. Where am I going to put my iPhone? I would expand my waist to create pressure so I could put my iPhone in the elastic band only to have it fall down. And I thought, “Let’s put a pocket there!” So that’s what the pockets are for in the boxers.

STEVER: Ah, I’ve wondered about that. Now we know the inside scoop.

Silence Is Golden

SCOTT: Another thing is to bring noise-cancelling headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones are awesome for being able to work on a plane and still listen to music. But of course, they need power. So bring batteries. Travel is all about extra power.

STEVER: If I want to have a generalized battery pack that I can use to connect up whatever else I happen to be carrying, what should I be looking for?

SCOTT: I don’t have a particular favorite, but we have a good one for sale on our site. Make sure it has at least two USB outlets and that they have 2.5 amperage. You need that to recharge your iPad.

Get a device and battery that use a standard micro-USB rather than something special that you might lose.

STEVER: I have a battery that attaches to the back of my iPhone.

SCOTT: Use those carefully! Do not keep the battery switched on. It will drain your phone battery even faster. Use your phone battery, and when it’s below 10%, turn on the spare battery. Be sensitive to that on/off switch and utilize it.

Take Everything but the Kitchen Sink

STEVER: We’ve been talking about using your clothes as your carry-on. I’m going away for 10 days. What should I pack, besides my ScottEVest?

SCOTT: Pack everything you want to bring and then take two-thirds of it away. Get used to washing shirts and underwear in your sink. Only bring one pair of pants (choose a neutral color) for every four days that you are away.

You think, “OK, I’m going away for seven days. I need nine pairs of underwear and socks, and three pairs of pants because I constantly want to have a different outfit.” No!

You are going to have fun! You don’t need a different outfit every single day. You need to be clean. You can do that without packing too much.

Pack wrinkle-free stuff. Don’t ever check a bag. The bundle-packing concept works well. I packed too much, though. And remember about making things accessible. Don’t put your cords in the middle of your bundle.

STEVER: What if your event is part casual, part business? How do you strike a balance so you don’t have to bring two complete wardrobes?

SCOTT: I wear the same thing almost every single day. I wear my ScottEVest hidden cargo pants, which look like khakis but are loaded with pockets. It works for business casual and casual environments. I encourage people to check out our website, www.scottevest.com. I’m accessible via social media. ScottEVestCEO on Twitter and Facebook, scott@scottevest.com by email. Send me your ideas. A lot of our ideas are inspired by our customers!

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