Wrinkle-free Clothes

How to use bundle-wrapping to travel with pristine clothes.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #54

Today's topic is packing your clothes so they don’t wrinkle, along with a tidbit about not making an utter fool out of yourself when meeting someone you admire.

I was at a conference in Aspen last weekend. I looked across the room and who should be sitting there but David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done himself. Sure, I interviewed him once by phone in the episode on commitments. But this was David in the flesh. To a productivity geek like me, it was like meeting the Dalai Lama or the Pope or the Grand Poobah, only with neatly organized file folders.

A Tough Networking Lesson

I was psyched. And, of course, eager to make a good impression. I looked for something about him to comment on as a clever, witty conversation starter. He wears his shirts loose, outside his jeans. Me, too. Only mine look, er, lived in, while his were smooth as silk. "Hi, David! How do you keep your shirts so wrinkle-free?" I asked. He smiled. "I iron them."

Of course he does. And if I had a clue, I would, too. Instead, I win the award for instant stupid-question boy. Of course, irons don't really agree with me. I tend to iron in wrinkles, instead of ironing them out. My solution? Have my dress shirts dry-cleaned and pressed, and pray that nothing wrinkles them before I get them onto my body. Determined to make a good impression, I rushed back to my room to iron my shirts and discovered ... that they weren't wrinkled.

Oh, my Gosh! Before the trip, I'd been reading through OneBag.com, a web site devoted to travel tips. They have a packing method they claim leaves clothes wrinkle-free. I'd tried it and apparently, it had worked like a charm. I just hadn't noticed. Great. So now David Allen thinks I'm foolish, can't use an iron, and redundant. Gee, if only someone had done a networking episode on how not to look like a fool when networking. At least I didn't just hand him my business card for no reason. In fact, I totally forgot to hand him my card or get his. Networking angst: 1, Stever: 0.

By the way, in case you didn't pick up on it, the hidden networking tip is to compliment someone you've met on something specific as a way of breaking the ice. The hidden networking sub-tip is to learn to use an iron first, so you choose a better compliment than I did.


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