The Simple Trick to Keep Track of What People Owe You

Great things require, well, multiple people. Delegating to others requires a good follow-up system. Fortunately, it’s just a tiny grid away.

Stever Robbins
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Review your list regularly

Now that you have your delegation matrix, review it at the start of each day. If you have it in a spreadsheet, you can sort by status to show quickly which things are still open or late, so you can pursue those with razor-sharp focus.

Sort by status to choose what to pursue with razor-sharp focus

Choose a late deliverable to pursue. Notice who your offending co-worker is. Then sort the spreadsheet by Who, and find all the different ways your Evil CoWorker is letting you down. Then just casually drop by their cubicle and say, “Hope your day is going well! I just wanted to check the status of deliverables 3, 81, 9, 16, 47, 11, 19, and 23. According to the delegation matrix, they were all due last week.” Do this enough and you can shame them into doing their job.

You can also sort by due date to see what’s coming up. When you drop by those co-workers, you can casually mention how much you’re looking forward to deliverables 2, 22, and 33. Success delivery will be evidence of their innate Goodness as a Human Being.

Check out the page at getitdoneguy.com/coworkers to see a sample delegation tracking sheet in the flesh.  Item# Who Assigned What Due Status 1 Europa July 4 Store inventory completed July 10 OPEN

We can’t all have perfect, Awesome Co-Workers. We get the average ones. And sometimes, we need to ride herd on those coworkers so they get us what we need to do our job. By pretending we’ve delegated their own job to them, using a delegation tracking matrix will help you keep track of who owes you what, and when, so you can make sure that none of the balls get dropped.

And if that fails, Noam, consider becoming a hypnotist. Then just take control of their free will by walking up behind them and saying … well, we’ll save that for another episode.

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