5 Fall Action Items to Make the Holidays Less Stressful

Fall isn't just for apple picking. Mighty Mommy shares five ways that you can get a head start on the holiday madness during the brisk months of fall.


Cheryl Butler
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Episode #395

School’s now back in session and your family’s lifestyle has gone from carefree to structured. Now that your kids have settled back in to their new routines, you can embrace the year ahead while breathing a wee sigh of relief that you just may have a few extra moments to yourself. See Also: 6 Key Ingredients to a Successful Morning Routine.

Listen, the end of the summer season is certainly bittersweet, but it is also something to rejoice in. The cozy months of fall are equally as enticing as the balmy months, just in a different way. As you prepare to snuggle up with chunky sweaters and fun romps in the local pumpkin patch, you can also use this time of year to relieve yourself of some very heavy stress of the upcoming the holiday season. 

Mighty Mommy shares five ways that you can get a head start on the holiday madness during the brisk months of fall.

Tip #1:  Create Your Holiday Cards

When my 8 kids were young, I labored for hours upon hours to create the perfect holiday card each year. I desperately wanted to show off my 8 sweetie pies, but because I waited until just a couple of weeks before Christmas, the chances of getting my kids to relax and enjoy a photo shoot were zero to none. Finally, I smartened up and decided that a holiday photo didn’t have to showcase my kids wearing snowmen and Santas, but instead getting a photo of them just having fun at the beach, playing in the back yard, or picking apples during the fall was preferable.

Early fall is a wonderful opportunity to go through your favorite summer or back-to-school photos and turn them into this year’s family holiday greeting card. Even if you don’t have something that you love, take the crisp, breezy days of fall to gather your family for an impromptu photo session and create a card that you love now, rather than later. Once Thanksgiving hits, you’ll be glad you did.

Tip #2:  Plan A Special Holiday Outing

Grab your calendar and schedule something special right now for your family to do together during the holiday season. We schedule doctor appointments, meetings, sports activities, and check-ups for our pets, so why not a fun outing that the entire family can look forward to during the holidays? Personally speaking I can recall many years that I had great intentions of doing something wintry and holiday-based with my kids but once the season started, so did the craziness that goes right along with it. To combat the lack of time that seems to come along with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, once apple picking season started, I made sure to pencil at least one special outing on our calendar that we could all look forward to as a family. This included ice skating at an outdoor rink, going on a Polar Express ride in our neck of the woods or attending a play at the theater such as The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.  Right now you can find some great deals on sites such as Groupon that will offer up fun ideas at a reasonable price.


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