Become Productive by Linking Your Tasks to Your Biggest Goals

Align your actions around your larger goals to make life better.

Stever Robbins
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Episode #17

In business, asking "Why?" will lead you back to the company strategy. Or it should. "We're cloning fluorescent bunny rabbits. Why is that important?" "Because our strategic goal as a business is to dominate the cold-weather, outerwear market." Ah. Yes. Well, then. Perhaps we could use orange spray paint and paisley, and just skip the whole bunny abuse thing?[[AdMiddle]

Take a look at your to-do list, your scheduled meetings, and, of course, the things you'll do every day like read e-mail, go for a run, exercise, whatever. For each thing on the list, ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" Connect it to your larger goal. And then ask, "Can I find an easier, faster, cheaper, funner way to reach that same goal?" You might be surprised that very often, the answer is "Yes."

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By the way, as research for this episode, I asked a room full of parents if any parent has ever gotten a teenager to clean their room by asking, yelling, or threatening. The consensus was, "No." The strategy that worked was when a ten-year-old sister bet a fourteen-year-old brother that he couldn't hang up his clothes every day for a month. Not only did I, er, he, keep his room clean for the month, but I/he hangs his clothes up to this very day.

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