How to Adjust to Life with a Newborn

Getting things done with a newborn in the home is possible!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #216

Wear Your Baby

As I mentioned earlier, Baby River is a pretty good sleeper, but there are still some challenges. One challenge in particular is that he prefers his afternoon nap to be spent being held by mom. While I love staring at his little face, it kills me to know that I could be using nap time to get stuff done. To help me do both, I use a Boba wrap. River gets to snuggle up next to me, and I can have both hands available to fold laundry, prep food for meals, or work on my computer. It took a bit to learn how to use the wrap, but now that I have the hang of it I can get an additional 2 hours of productivity each day. It’s fantastic!


Nap time is so important when you need to get things done, but what if your baby doesn’t want to nap? Baby wearing can be a great option, but what if you just need a little space to yourself? That’s where multitasking comes in to play. In our house, the bouncy seat used to be a great place for River to nap. He used to sleep for hours in the seat, but now he only sleeps when he’s being bounced. What’s a mom to do? Multitask. While I’m writing this episode, I’m actively bouncing him with my foot. The second my foot stops moving the seat, his eyes pop open, but as long as I can keep bouncing him he sleeps and I get my writing done.

Whether you are working on your computer while bouncing the baby with your foot, eating while you are feeding the baby, or doing squats while you are walking a fussy baby around the house, multitasking allows for something to get done while you are still tending to your baby.

Communicate Your Roles

The final thing that we’ve discovered helps us get stuff done is communicating our roles. My husband and I have always split a lot of the work around our home, but that was before I had a little person demanding I be at his beck and call 24 hours a day. My husband and I quickly discovered that, when faced with a miscommunication and a lack of sleep, we could both turn nasty pretty fast. When we had clear expectation on who was going to take care of specific tasks around the house, we were much more civil toward each other. We’ve also realized that we need to check in with each other about once a week to see how the other is doing and determine if we need to adjust any of the task allocation. If you can maintain clarity over responsibilities, you’ll likely also find that you get along with your partner during this transition time.

Having a newborn is an adjustment for everyone in the home, but with a little extra communication, a bit of creativity, and a lot of patience, you can find ways to get things done with the new baby. Keep trying new things, and soon you’ll find yourself in a new routine that works for everyone.

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.