How to Be Productive Even While Working From Home

Even after months of working from home, what if you still don’t feel productive enough? These tips will be helpful while you keep working from home.

Ocere LTD, Partner
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Perhaps the biggest challenge of a work-from-home setup is that you can't be as productive as you used to be. You may have less motivation to work hard without colleagues around you. If you're used to working with other people, it can be hard to make adjustments. Even after months of having this setup, what if you still don’t feel productive enough? These tips will be helpful while you keep working from home.

Define your workspace

Establish a clear workspace. When it’s time to work, drop all of your personal tasks and focus on getting the job done. Make sure your work area isn’t your bedroom. You may feel tempted to sleep instead of focusing on your job. And also, using your bedroom for work can have a negative effect on your ability to sleep at night.

Set regular work hours

It helps to define your work hours and stick to them. Don't watch your favorite shows or engage in other distractions while you work. You should also avoid having unnecessary conversations with family members. Make sure everyone else in your household respects your working hours, too. Keeping a regular schedule will allow you to be more productive.

Change your clothes

The clothing you wear can also put you in the mood to get things done. Make the mental shift toward work by changing out of your pajamas or athleisure outfit. You can even wear your office clothes. Not only will changing your clothes shift your mindset, but you'll also be prepared for impromptu video conferences.

Close your door

If you can manage it, having a work area with a door helps. It prevents embarrassing incidents like your children walking in while you're in an important meeting. A closed-door office space also makes it easier for you to concentrate. You can head out during self-imposed breaks or when your work hours are over and keep your work and home life separate.

Keep your desk tidy and organized

Your workspace will also affect your mood. Make sure it’s tidy and well-organized. Place a trash bin beside your workspace to keep your desk clear of papers and other clutter. It’s easier to be in the mood to work when you have a clean work area.

Turn off your phone while working

Unless you use your phone to work, there’s no reason to turn it on. Text messages and other notifications can be a major distraction. You might also receive news notifications that will make you curious to know what’s going on. Reading news—especially bad news—can affect your mood when you're trying to stay focused on your job.

Protect yourself when you do leave the house

And finally, if you have to leave home to buy essentials, make sure to stay safe. During the pandemic, make sure to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Use sunglasses for eye protection, as well. It's easy to forget these little essentials when staying at home is the new normal.