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Stever Robbins
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Episode #204

Tip #3: De-Stress Your Year-End Stressors

We each have our own things that stress us out this time of year. Make a list: Timmy's one-man Star Wars trilogy (performed for the 19th time). Wrapping presents. Meeting your year-end sales goals. Planning your holiday. And so on.

Now you’re going to train your body to stay centered when you think of those things. You’ll start to build an association between those old stressors and the new feeling of being centered and solid. Think of each item on your list, one at a time. As soon as you notice the feelings of stress begin, break the physical habit. Take a deep breath, find your feet, find your hands, find your head, and breathe again. Repeat until you're thinking about the formerly-stressful topic, from a place of being centered and calm.

Center yourself while thinking about upcoming stresses.

Tip #4: Start Your Day Centered

If you want to take this to the next level, glue a poster that says "Feet, Arms, Head" to your bedroom ceiling. When you wake up, immediately practice centering yourself so you start the day in a good place. Spend a moment and review anything in the upcoming day you think might become stressful. Center yourself before thinking about those things, and keep returning to center while thinking about them. You might end up so centered that you can't find anything that stresses you out. If that's the case, think about the fact that gluing that poster to your ceiling just reduced your property value by $10,000. Breathe deeply, find your feet, your hands, and your head.

Tip #5: Reinforce Centering Before Tackling Unpleasant Tasks

Even though you rehearsed centering in the morning, right before each stressful task, stop and center yourself again. For example, a good time to take a moment to breathe is right before opening that official-looking envelope from the tax authority that says "FINAL NOTICE" in big, red, blood-colored letters.

Bernice notices her feet, hands, and head. Given her confident, unflappable presence, it's hard not to notice. And that's exactly where her presence comes from: she centers herself daily, and since it only takes a moment, she's trained herself to use Dr. Heller's technique before anything she anticipates will be stressful.

As she helpfully explained all this, I looked her straight in the eye and said, "How's the wedding coming?" She looked back and said, "It's going very well, thank you." "Yeah? Have you told Melvin, yet, that the two of you are getting married?" Much to her credit, after the initial flinch, she took less than 5 seconds to regain her composure.

Have a happy and stress-free new year. Now breathe.

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