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Episode What March 22, 2022 What is Ethical Non-Monogamy? view
Episode Wired March 15, 2022 Wired for Love: How Love Literally Reshapes Our Brains view
Episode Take March 7, 2022 Take a Break with Your New Favorite Beach Read view
Episode Is March 1, 2022 Is It Possible to Optimize Our Most Intimate Relationships? view
Episode What February 21, 2022 What Is Normal? view
Episode 51 February 14, 2022 How Parenthood Changes Your Relationship view
Episode 50 February 8, 2022 Don't Let Valentine's Day Ruin Your Relationship view
Episode 49 February 1, 2022 What Kind of Flirt Are You? view
Episode 48 January 24, 2022 Can Singlehood Be a Satisfying Alternative to Romantic Relationships? view
Episode 47 January 20, 2022 The Truth Behind 4 Common Relationship Myths view
Episode 46 January 10, 2022 Why Is It Hard for Couples to Talk About Money? view
Episode 45 January 3, 2022 How Your Bedtime Routine Impacts Your Relationship view
Episode 44 December 26, 2021 Should You Set New Year’s Resolutions with Your Partner? view
Episode 43 December 19, 2021 What Gifts Will Have the Biggest Impact on Your Relationship? view
Episode 42 December 12, 2021 “Picking Your Battles” Isn’t the Best Thing for Your Relationship view
Episode 41 December 5, 2021 Can a Relationship Survive Cheating? view
Episode 40 November 29, 2021 The Prevalence of Little White Lies in Online Dating view
Episode 39 November 22, 2021 The Surprising Health Benefits of Expressing Affection view
Episode 38 November 15, 2021 Where Should You and Your Partner Spend the Holidays? view
Episode 37 November 7, 2021 Which of These 7 Types of Love Defines Your Relationship? view
Episode 36 November 1, 2021 How To Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work view
Episode 35 October 24, 2021 The Myth of Love Languages view
Episode 34 October 18, 2021 Relationshopping: Why Dating Apps Lead to Choice Overload view
Episode 33 October 11, 2021 Relationship Research is WEIRD—Here's Why view
Episode 32 October 3, 2021 Stop Comparing You and Your Partner to "Perfect" Online Relationships view