20 Fantastique Facts About France

Who would guess that there's a village in France where UFOs are banned? Or that there's a population of wild kangaroos in the forests surrounding Paris? Learn more in Piu Eatwell's F is for France.

QDT Editor
June 28, 2016

Piu Eatwell's F is for France explores this country's quirky heritage that has developed into a culture of arcane laws, historical incidents, and bizarre paradoxes. From absinthe and catacombs to former French soccer player Zinedine Zidane, Eatwell calls attention to the kinds of information missed in more 'official' sources, like...

  1. Croissants were invented in Austria.
  2. There’s a verified population of wild kangaroos living in a forest outside Paris.
  3. There’s a psychological condition called ‘Paris Syndrome,’ a form of post-traumatic shock suffered by visitors disillusioned by the reality of Paris.
  4. If you transport snails on a high-speed train in France, you are required to buy them a ticket.
  5. Infidelity, under French law, can be ‘intellectual’ as well as physical.
  6. In a certain town in France, it is illegal to slander donkeys by the use of terms such as ‘jackass.' The penalty is the obligation to make amends by offering carrots or sugar lumps to the affected animals.
  7. The champagne ‘coupe’ or glass is traditionally said to have been molded on the left breast of Marie-Antoinette.
  8. There are 49 million bubbles in a standard bottle of champagne.
  9. The French are not the biggest cheese-eaters in the world.
  10. In France, it is possible to marry a dead person.
  11. A woman has married the Eiffel Tower.
  12. The word ‘denim’ comes from the French town of Nîmes.
  13. The bikini is a French invention and is named after Bikini Atoll, a nuclear testing site in the South Pacific.
  14. Women in Paris are by law forbidden to wear trousers, unless riding a bicycle or a horse.
  15. The longest book ever written is a French romance.
  16. The French manicure originated in Hollywood, California.
  17. The famous Frank Sinatra song, ‘My Way,’ was originally in French.
  18. 'Let them eat cake' was probably not said by Marie Antoinette, but rather invented by the writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  19. There is a French town which has a law banning UFOs from landing in the vicinity.
  20. The actor Tom Cruise, by law, can never be made an honorary citizen of Paris because of his affinity to Scientology, which is considered in France to be a cult.

For Francophiles or anyone simply interested in French culture, Eatwell's F is for France contains many more facts about this fascinating country.  For more, check out the book, available on AmazonBarnes & NoblePowellsIndieBound, and BooksaMillion.

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