6 Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental

Need an easy getaway? Domestic CEO shares 6 tips to help you find the perfect vacation rental home for your family’s next trip.

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How Many Rooms and Beds Do You Need?

When looking for a place for a group to stay on vacation, I have found it’s best to first figure out the sleeping arrangements - then find a place that matches your needs.

For example, if you are traveling with 3 couples, you are probably going to want to find a 3 bedroom house that has one larger bed per bedroom. If you have 2 couples and 3 kids, you’ll likely want at least 3 bedrooms, one with bunk beds or multiple twin beds. Once you know how many beds you are going to need, it will be much easier to filter the results to help narrow down your search.

Something else to keep in mind is that homeowners will sometimes include air mattresses and sofa beds as part of the available bed count. Read through the listing carefully to see how the rooms are described, and look through pictures to see how many beds you can actually count. If there is confusion about where each bed is in the house, make sure to ask the owner before you book the home, so you can confirm that it will fit your group’s needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

The last point to consider when you are deciding on a rental home is the price. While the rental rates may seem fairly straight forward, there are often other fees to keep in mind that might add to the total price.

For example, most vacation rentals charge guests a cleaning fee; this is often non-negotiable, because it is typically passed directly on to a professional cleaning company. Some renters also charge guests for electricity or propane used, and there may also be deposits, insurance fees, or booking fees from the websites themselves. So before you officially book a vacation rental home, make sure you fully understand all the costs associated with the booking.

Vacation rental homes can be a great way to keep your entire group under one roof, and save money and time in the process. Make sure you use these 6 tips to help filter the many rental choices out there, and find the dream home to best fit your needs.

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