Don't Party If You're Sick

'Tis the season for holiday parties...and the flu. Modern Manners Guy on why you shouldn't party when you're sick.

Richie Frieman
2-minute read

Don't Party If You're Sick

If you haven't received at least one invite to holiday party by now, then get ready, they’re coming. Your inbox (both electronic and snail mail) will be deluged with invitations for holiday cheer in the next few weeks. And when we are invited to a party, we tend to feel obligated to attend.

However, even if a party is the biggest bash of the season, if you show up sick, no one will want to dance the night away with you. In fact, the only thing the other guests will want from you is for you to leave. Not to be rude, but if you show up to a party sneezing your brains out or shaking from the chills, you could be carrying the best present in the world: several nights of coughing, fever, and maybe even vomiting. Good times!

Sure, you want to go and party with your friends, but trust me, everyone will understand if you can't make it. "But MMG it's the office party! My promotion is on the line!" I get it. But let's be honest, no one will punish you if you stay home instead of showing up sick and infecting others. It's one thing to bail on a meeting or conference because you overslept – that will surely get you in trouble – but showing up to a party carrying a bug, just to say you were there is simply selfish. 

However, you should not leave people wondering where you are. Call the host/hostess and let them know how sick and sorry you are. They will understand and wish you well. If you really want to have some fun though, text them a photo of you looking like hell, holding a mug of tea with the caption, "This is my holiday party...Joy to the world."


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